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It is made of Recyclable LDPE material with Coex technology.

UV protection and antistatic additives can be applied.

It can be produced in the desired color.

It is an economical and safe pallet protector product. It is a product designed to increase efficiency.

It is used in automatic palletizing lines. It isolates your products on the pallet from the external environment.

Heat is not required during application. No heat or naked flame is used. It saves energy consumption.

Film weight per pallet is less than Shrink Pallet Cover.

Provides high speed palletizing advantage.

It provides optimum protection against dust, dirt and moisture and is also ideal for outdoor storage.

High tear puncture resistance, high holding force ensures stable load securing throughout the entire logistics chain, from loading and transport to the enduser.

Appropriate film thickness and recipe are prepared according to the weight of the palletized product and the special requirements of the customer.

Where is it used?

Stretch Hood, which provides safe and economical transportation of products, is generally suitable for use in products such as construction chemicals, ceramics, raw materials, cement, glass.