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Our lifestyle is sustainable.

Sustainability activities of teknocycle are focused on onur sustainability areas.

Sustainable packaging is an important part of our modern World. Generally made of plastic, it can also include other materials such as paper or aluminium foil and helps ensure products reach consumers safe and fresh, preserving nutrients, taste and quality.

  • Sustainable Packaging: an important part of our modern world
  • Key role to play in protecting food and other goods
  • Lightweight and resource efficient
  • A challenge once it becomes waste
  • Sustainable packaging needs to be designed so suitable
  • for collection, sorting and recycling

Design for a circular economy

How to build a Circular Economy for Sustainable Packaging

The Circular Economy is based on the following basic principles:

  • Design waste and pollution.
  • Keep on products and substances.
  • Reproduce natural systems.

5 Steps to Build a Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging

Let's Recycle Together